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Grief of losing a pet

The hardest part of being a pet parent is losing one.These furry creatures fill your life with joy and happiness but they have very short lifespans. It is very difficult to see your beloved pet die in your arms. You nurture them from pups/kitten to adults and then to old age and all of this time passes by so quickly to the day that you finally loose them forever. Old age, diseases or accidents what ever the reason may be losing them in any condition is equally painful.

The end time of the pet whether it is old age or a disease is very disturbing for the pet parents. Seeing these speechless souls going to pain and distress is an emotional turmoil for the pet parents also.

More often than ever people around you don’t understand the emotional setback of losing a pet  and are not empathetic about it. For others it is just the death of a pet but for you it is a death of a family member.Madhur Mehta, a pet parent says “when my dog died it was like I had lost my brother and nobody understood, everyone thought I was being over emotional but only I knew it was like a death in the family”

Most people after losing a pet are heartbroken and don’t want to go through the pain of losing a pet ever again and so they decide never to have a pet, but the only solution to fill that emotional void is to get another pet after you loose one.If you don’t do that you will never build the courage and never be able to nurture another pet.

Pet parent Sabhatya says “loosing a pet is like a broken relationship, you might feel you will never be able to get over it or cant go through the pain of loosing a pet again but the only way to move ahead is to have another pet and do it all over again”

First time pet parent also feel that there can be no one else like their first pet and that no other pet can ever replace them.It is true that every pet is special and their relationship with you is also unique.The next pet that you get will never be able to replace the one you lost but it surely will be special in its own way and will share a new unique relationship with you.

They might stay with us for short span of time but what they give and teach us is priceless.

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