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Fun things to do with your pets this summer

Swati Tandon, Pet Expert

This is the season of sun tans and denim shorts. As you absorb all the vitamin D this summer, pick up the leashes of your fur balls to have some real good fun. Even though it may be scorchingly  hot outside there are so many fun things you can do with your pooches.

Prabudh Nagar, 26 year old dog dad to Junior says “Summer is always a lot of fun for me and junior. We attend doggie pool parties and go out for fun ice cream sessions. Junior loves his vanilla ice cream finishes it in one slurp and looks at me for more.”

With pet parents wanting to spend some quality time with their pooches holiday’s sure have become pet friendly. Many options of pet hotels, pet resorts and pet cafes offering fun getaways with your furry friends are exciting ways of treating your pets. Owner of Jeffurry’s Pet Resort, Achal Gupta Says “People enjoy swimming with their dogs, watch doggie movies our pet friendly cafe. They even let them have a vacation by boarding them at our resort”

Fun Pet events are being organised all summer this year. Pool parties, pet meet ups and doggie picnics are a common site these days. Such activities help pets socialise with each other and help build a better bond between owners and their pets. Nayani Tandon, Owner of Puppichino dog cafe says “ we organise such pet events all the time. The participation and the enthusiasm of pet parents is overwhelming”

“Dogs spas are also a great way to pamper your pooches”. Sanjeev, The owner of Scoopy Scrub says. Dogs need regular grooming in summers. Pet spas and parlours offer rejuvenating and refreshing spa sessions that leave your dogs calm and relaxed.

Some people like traveling and hiking with their pets. Camping trips with your pets can be fun and a whole new experience for both you and your pet. For those who don’t like camping many pet friendly hotels offer exciting packages for a fun stay.

While some enjoy and indulge with their pets in summers some believe it is important be take precautions and be careful with their fun time. Viren Sharma, CEO of Mad About Dogs says “ While it is fun to treat our pet opt for sugar free popsicles and keep them in controlled temperature.”

Gone are the days when pet parents found it difficult to take their pet along anywhere with them. From a fancy dinner date with your pet to a vacation with them, everything is easy now. You can make entertaining plans with your pets for this summer.

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