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Financial scams through social media and messaging: How to be safe?

Times Verified was launched to tackle the epidemic of fake news and misinformation which hampered individuals and the society at large. We began the initiative by highlighting the misinformation around the relief and medical efforts towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

A series of informative webinars are being organized to help readers understand the menace of fake news, while also informing them about tips/tricks to stay alert.

The second webinar of the series investigates the menace of Financial Scams where we talk to key stakeholders from the private sector as well as the government on how the public can stay safe when they go online, and how people can have access to information which is authentic.

The experts will also talk about the various financial frauds and scams that are happening through the online channels, and how the public should be mindful of the malicious activities.


Key Talking Points

  • As information around Covid and other financial aspects gets updated by the day, scammers are capitalizing on fear, leading to an increased risk of financial scams
  •  Financial scams have become increasingly sophisticated, from data breaches to money laundering, leading to growing cases of online frauds
  • Using machine learning and AI to tackle financial fraud
  • Organized crimes, and individuals collaborating to commit frauds through forged identities, are increasing by the day
  • From messages about fictitious princes leaving large inheritances to suspicious links and phishing attacks about job offers and UPI frauds, India’s hectic digital penetration has resulted in a significant increase in financial frauds
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