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    The Economic Times | Leadership Dialogue – Lending the tech edge for CPG consumers

    March 11, 2022 3:30PM

    may, 2023

    Digital first consumers of today rely on digital channels to interact with brands. Experience metrics is the key to engagement with such consumers. Half of Indians are accessed the internet through a mobile device in 2020, which could grow exponentially over the next two decades. Along with social media, the spread of mobile internet presents an opportunity for personalising the experiences of consumers. Organisations are constantly looking for expertise in sifting through the ocean of data. They also want a system that allows smart ROI out of content that they create, which helps them engage with potential customers.

    The ease of reaching to the consumer with an aspirational brand is making digital first brands thrive. Traditional consumer product brands need to learn how the traditional companies have met the consumers’ unmet needs and serviced them.

    Companies have launched their own D2C brands. Some have bought stake into the upcoming brands. But the challenge for the traditional brands would be to imbibe and help thrive the digital first culture that the D2C brands have.

    Key Talking Points
    • What are the new consumer trends that have emerged in the CPG Industry due to the behaviour shift brought about by the pandemic?
    • CPG Industry is seeing a shift in the supply chain from a traditional chain creation model to a value-driven model now with new-age brands embracing the D2C model. How do you think this will reshape the CPG industry? How can technology aid brands make this switch with less resistance?
    • How can data be leveraged to understand customers and personalize product offerings? How can personalized customer experience benefit the CPG industry?
    • Communication drives a great customer experience. How to build stronger relationships and build a great trust between your brands and your customer experiences?
    • Digital convenience is becoming the norm. How can technologies like AI/ML aid customer engagement in the CPG industry?
    • How do you think you can build loyalty and brand stickiness among value-driven and digitally aware customers?
    • How can India’s industry achieve this transformation?


    03:30 PM Introduction by ET
    03:35 PM Context setting by EY
    03:40 PM Panel discussion begins, moderated by ET
    04:55 PM Concluding remarks by Capillary Technologies
    05:00 PM End of programme


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