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ET-Zendesk and Padah Solutions | CX Conversations: Navigating Today’s Challenges

Conversations with customers are vital to any business. One of the most critical aspects of a customer experience model is the methodology and technology adopted by companies for customer interactions. The crisis borne out of the COVID-19 pandemic has put a sword to existing CX strategies. The conversations have had to move from physical to remote and virtual models, which comes with its challenges. This crisis has companies thinking about taking on the customer experience challenge head-on. A study by Zendesk has found that 90% of Indian companies are likely to prioritise customer experience in 2021, compared to 67% for countries in the Asia-Pacific region. And given that in today’s world, technology dominates the CX framework in organisations, it becomes critical to understand and learn about strategies to make tech work for your CX model.


Key Talking Points

  • Managing growth when physical interaction with consumers is challenged.
  • Challenges and trends towards virtual customer conversations.
  • Leveraging social media for marketing and other initiatives.
  • Data presentation strategies for seamless customer communication across platforms.
  • Drill-down analytics to help managements make right decisions.
  • Choice between having larger teams or smarter teams.
  • Tips from CIOs on how to choose the right platform for CX.



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