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ET-Sophos | Security on the Cloud: What Works

On the back of COVID-19, lockdowns, and work from anywhere, the cloud market has seen exponential growth, which is expected to only rise in future. According to a November 2020 IDC survey, more than 60 per cent Indian organisations plan to leverage cloud platforms for digital innovation. While it’s good news that the adoption rates are increasing, the flip side is the enterprises are prone to multiple threats. In an environment where the threat landscape is constantly evolving, preserving data integrity in the cloud and strengthening the cybersecurity posture is imperative.

Going forward, organisations will need to explore how they can keep their cloud software secure, and their company and employee data safe. Greater transparency Therefore, understanding the challenges and opportunities in IT and IT security management will be crucial for companies to maintain their protection.

The discussion will be led by The Economic Times and is presented by Sophos.

Through this webinar we will engage with leading cyber security experts to understand how those moving to and adapting to cloud deployments can make their data and processes safer and easier to recover from security incidents.

Key Talking Points
  • Securing Enterprise Data in a hybrid cloud environment
  • What can practitioners do to constructively assess threats and protect their data and assets?
  • What are the vulnerabilities and threats in a hybrid or off-premises model?
  • Popular security auditing benchmarks and tools, and how to adapt them to achieve desired security outcomes
  • Role of businesses in keeping their cloud resources safe as a part of shared responsibility with the cloud provider
  • Key security considerations & best practices to follow while migrating to the cloud

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