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ET- Sophos | Enhance the supply chain security

The recent cyber-attacks and ransomware incidents have highlighted the need for a new approach to security of the supply chain network. While enterprise security does the job for large companies, their supply chain partners are at risk which could potentially disrupt their operations. There is a need to take a fresh look at the way security systems are deployed with the supply chain partners. Extension of the remote working policy by many employers (and suppliers) has made cybersecurity a discussion that is important for the top leaders of companies.

There have already been more incidents of cyber-attacks and ransomware in 2021 compared to 2020. Given the recent incidents, are we learnt the right lessons? How can we better ringfence companies to be better prepared from increased cyber threats?


Key Talking Points

  • The recent ransomware attacks have focused on the extended supply chain for companies since they are more vulnerable. How are you looking at the enhance threat?
  • Did your organization see increased threat perception due to the new paradigm of remote work? What are some cybersecurity measure the company has taken in the last few months to address the enhanced threat perception.
  • Different surveys have shown that ransomware recovery cost is more than doubling every year.
  • Multiple reports suggest that the number of instances of ransomware is growing every year and rising very fast. Worse, the number organisations that pay ransom every year is increasing, adding to the scale of the problem.
  • How can companies have a malware recovery plan that can help companies prepare in advance.
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