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ET- Mahindra Logistics | Supply Chain Dialogues :Emerging Opportunities due to Supply Chain Disruption

Global supply chains are undergoing a radical reconfiguration, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has also led businesses to think in unique and different ways. The disruptions caused by the virus outbreak have left deep impacts on consumer behavior and preferences, therefore, many companies across the globe have been scrambling to streamline their supply chains to secure their operations.

Post COVID-19, there is a pressing need to re-evaluate India’s supply chains wherein fundamental assumptions may need to be re-examined and manufacturing bases may need to be diversified, trade channels need to be re-engineered. As a stable economy with a host of enabling factors for attracting investments, India emerges as a natural choice in filling the supply chain vacuum


Key Talking Points

  • Achieving Agility & Flexibility to Enable Growth & Customer Success
  • Reassess continuity plans in this age of continued disruptions
  • Crisis management planning: (Businesses are looking ahead, let’s focus on future opportunity)
  • Supply chain collaboration among companies enables optimization and mitigate supply chain risks.
  • Inventory management for rational decision making
  • Evolving trade corridors and reorganising supply chain
  • Mapping supply chains networks (from suppliers to customers) to identify risks within the supply chain
  • Lessons learned from current challenges to the supply chain
  • Tech transformation to drive end-to-end, digitally enabled supply chains
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