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ET- Mahindra Logistics| Reshaping the Supply Chain Landscape: Leveraging the India Opportunity

As the world strives to emerge out of the shocks of COVID–19, this pandemic and resulting economic upheaval has clearly exposed the vulnerability of global supply chains across most sectors & regions. Today, as organizations are responding to the crisis, with a focus on maintaining supply and meeting customer needs, they are simultaneously re-evaluating and re-engineering their global supply chain strategies to minimize their supply chain risks.

This presents a unique opportunity for India to establish itself as a preferred global supply chain destination, owing to its strong macro-economic fundamentals, improved ease of doing business, demographic dividend and availability of resources.


Key Talking Points

  • Building a supply chain infrastructure of world-class performance level. What are the gaps and capabilities that need to be built?
  • Factors that play in favor of India and the future road map. How are Indian companies responding to the evolving situation?
  • Driving forces behind supply chain innovation
  •  Sustainability driving resilience and efficiencies in Supply Chains
  • How can Aatmanirbharta and other govt policies & reforms strengthen India’s position in global supply chain?
  • The evolution of supply chain resilience – What opportunities have arisen as a result of disruptions across the industry? How are companies currently strengthening the resilience of their supply chains?
  • What is the Government’s Role in Supply Chain? – How organizations should plan for variable levels of government involvement
  • Leveraging integrated supply planning processes to drive better tactical collaboration with key suppliers
  • Transportation Strategy from an Indian standpoint  for the Wildly Volatile Freight Market
        • Brand Protection – The Definitive Role of the Supply Chain as an absolutely central, and pivotal, role that impacts the Brand as much as any other function in an organisation
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