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As India expands its manufacturing focus, one of the challenges faced by companies is workflow automation. Companies are not sure of the clear empirical benefits and the impact that can be achieved with investments. Several companies still find it a challenge to deploy and integrate digital platforms and technologies. Manufacturing in India also needs an interconnected ecosystem with a skilled workforce that can help companies take a big stride in the digital world. 

Customised solutions are leading to the development of technologies that are shaping the future of manufacturing. Digital supply chain, harnessing big data in manufacturing, Blockchain, IoT, AI & robotics are changing the dynamics of manufacturing industries today. India’s manufacturing industries could leap ahead and change with transformative emerging technologies. 

Key Talking Points

  • Revolutionizing manufacturing through Industry 4.0- challenges and opportunities​ 
  • How to make smart factories? How AI and IoT transform business intelligence? 
  • For the manufacturing sector, the dependence on an efficient and secured system of software for production units/establishments is imperative. How is technology transforming manufacturing industries in these uncertain times? 
  • The most common challenge that many firms face is the lack of collaboration among the internal teams, especially in manufacturing set-up. How does a collaborative approach help to be more competitive? 
  • How technological advancement & digital technology can be catalysts for building resilience, enhancing productivity, and changing the way we work & learn?​ 
  • How has technology helped the company in creating a safer environment?​ 
  • How do smart devices improve efficiency and competitiveness of industrial operation and workflow in manufacturing?​ 
  • How are you reshaping your supply chain and distribution networks for a sustainable future? 
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