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ET-Exotel | Reimagining Customer Communication for the Financial Services Industry

Financial services companies often find it difficult to understand and anticipate the unique needs of their customers, who are becoming increasingly selective and demanding. Plus, the emergence of web, mobile and social media is challenging the frontiers of existing models of customer communications, management and personalisation. Gartner estimates $11 billion IT spend in the financial services industry in 2020. How much of this has been used to harness customer information and proactively deliver experiences, without being intrusive, is the real question. To tap the 700 million internet users of the country, the financial services industry must get its customer communication models right.


Key Talking Points

  • Impact of the pandemic on financial services companies’ communication strategy and channel strategy.
  • Infrastructure – the shift to cloud – challenges and strategies.
  • Proliferation of new channels for customer communication.
  • How companies can ensure seamless customer experience across multiple customer touchpoints.
  • Balancing data privacy and personalised marketing/sales strategy.
  • Need for financial services sector to significantly increase technology spend.
  • Monitoring models for communication between the organisation and its customer
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