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Dr Rama

Women’s Day! I believe a single day is not enough to celebrate the grace of a woman who has to pass ordeals at each & every phase she enters. Constraint on education, basic health care or marriage. As a child, I was brought up with the values that a woman should possess-be it a faithful girl, heads down, no answering, no choice, just hear to what elders say. The power of woman always beckoned me to come forth and I got this opportunity after my marriage. Though arranged marriage yet my in laws never liked my presence or thinking about a career, for them working is just to feed family and support them. Many sleepless nights, yet I tried to discover the woman in me and did not let my daughters to fall in this trap. They are independent with all the decision making powers & trying to explore the best in them. From being a simpleton Rama to Dr Rama Raghavan, from being a simple clerk to an entrepreuner, the journey has been tedious yet explorable. I think every woman has to go through these hardships in one or other way. Still she is answerable. I am waiting for a true Women’s Day

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