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Dr Ragi Chandran

“Whoever has been to my home knows Sarasa Akka. She started working in my house in 2000 when I was still a schoolgirl in ponytails.
She knew what my brother and me furthermore, our friends preferred when we were back from school or tuition. She never scolded us when we forgot to put our lunch boxes for washing, which happened at least once a week. She was there guarding me against Amma’s wrath on seeing the report card. It was her little tradition to get ice-creams for me and my brother on the first day of our summer vacation.
When I joined college and became a hostler, Sarasa Akka would be there waiting for me with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade every weekend. She never complained about the pile of laundry I got back from the hostel. She also made sure I took back enough snacks and clean laundry to survive another week in the hostel.
 She was an expert when it came to dealing with our friends and relatives. She knew whom to curb and whom to encourage. Whenever our friends visited, Sarasa Akka made sure they left on a full stomach. She would be personally offended if any of them refused to have food. She also made sure our group study sessions didn’t go wild.
Sarasa Akka was there crying her eyes out when I got married and left for my husband’s house. She was there helping me when I had both my sons. Then she started getting ice creams for my sons whenever we visited. She always made sure I was never left out and got my favourite Chocobars for me.
She retired from our home, after suffering a Stroke in 2020.
She still has our house keys, which we get from her whenever one of us forget to take ours. She would be patiently waiting for us, with the key and giving us lectures on how we should become more responsible in life.
My mother never had to worry about who would take care of her kids and house until she was back from work. Now, when I started balancing my house and a career, I realized how blessed we were to have Sarasaaka in our life. This Women’s Day I wish to express my respect to her and to all the women who make life easier for others, giving us the freedom to work without worrying about the pile of laundry, dirty kitchen and hungry kids at home.”

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