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Dr Hemant Anant Sant

“An ode to women in their life should be by men who have reaped benefit .The Mother ,the wife ,sister’s and 2 daughters achievers standing tall has made my life more fulfilling.I am thankful to them .15 year old SSC ranker girl of a bank security gaurd hoped to join medicine.She had to choose Nursing as that fetched stipend to help support the basic family needs .She was the eldest so she accepted this role to get 2 sister’s and three brothers married.She got married too after her younger sister to a Man who promised her he would never stop her supporting her family if in need.All 3 brothers got her help and from her family till they were strong to stand on their own.Her medical profession and her son’s as Surgeon continued help all later too.She worked hard for a good job.Stopped all till she raised her two sons till they could take care of themselves 5 & 4 years age .She rejoined a better hospital.Her husband and she worked in shifts somehow managing household religious social commitments without any help except of kind neighbour ladies.When her son became a surgeon he asked her to resign from hard work under fragile health 5 operations including 2 caesarian sections .She did despite loosing huge gratuity possible if she continued .She scrapped savings borrowed and built a house which today is a home of joint family of her son’s 59 and 60! Both excelled in their life as Surgeon and Scientist.Married two sisters by love marriage who are today The Women who gel the joint family of 5 children 3+2 with 2 son in law’s and 1 daughter in law all blessed by the Matriarch .Icing on the cake are her 2 daughter in law’s who are financial expert and computer teachers who raised these 5 gen next togather 36 years after marriages.Cherry on the top are 2 daughters one who is PhD neurobiologist in USA and the other Data Scientist at Melbourne.
past Lawn tennis national player ) .Daughter in law to be is in Fashion textile Marketing.The foundation of our joint family dining togather under one roof is the Women who gave up her all at a time to get it all back with interest .Astaluxmi concept of Indian ethos teaches us women are Sri,Vidya, Willpower,Shakti strength,Dhairya Dhriti perseverance to succeed,Annapurna Dhanya food provider, Dhan wealth and Santan Family wealth which all gives a complete life.XX chromosome is Poorna complete leading the evolution,passing on values to gen next .All the 3 generation of women manage all the finances investment and security of the joint family ! We men are side actors supporting the centre stage Superstars who try whatever at always in limelight due to their selfless ideas and actions .Devi tripurasundari concept salutes that value present in most homes across this civilisation,nay world.Shiv without Shakti is indeed a Shav like non catalysed energy ?”

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