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Dogs and fashion

Dogs have been companions to humans for ages, but it was only in the victorian era in England that breeding dogs and the establishing what we recognise now as modern dog breeds became a hobby.It was then that the royals and the rich started owning and breeding different kind of dog breeds and for the first time a dog kennel club was formed in 1873. A dog was not only a companion but also became a status symbol and a fashion accessory. Even Queen Victoria couldn’t resist these furry creatures and owned a lot of different breeds. The concept of a “lap dog” became fashionable and portraits of dogs with their masters became a growing trend.

Once used as a fashion accessory dogs now have fashion accessories designed specially for them. As the population of pets has increased worldwide so has the market for dog clothes and accessories. From t-shirts to skirts, from tiaras to tuxedos you can dress up your pooches however you like.Dog jewellery also has a shelf to it in stores these days, there is a variety of beautiful necklaces for pets that pet owners can buy.

Even the international high end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren are selling pet fashion clothes and accessories. Priced at a whooping $2690 for a Louis Vuitton dog carrier bag or $40 – $100 for dog T-shirts by Ralph Lauren.

Everyone is aware of Paris Hilton’s love for fashion and her little chihuahua but it she really took it upon herself to bring the two together when she launched her own pet fashion collection.

Dogs are dressed up for all occasions these days from weddings to halloween, these costumes are readily available at pet stores or online. Even dog fashion shows and ramp walks are popular worldwide.

Dressing up your pooches should not be such an expensive affair making sure of that many Indian  pet product companies have come out with affordable yet stylish pet clothes and accessories for the Indian market. Pet stores across the country are stocked with these and that too at very affordable price.

Dog fashion is not only limited to clothes and accessories but dog salons and haircuts are also very popular.Grooming is very important in dog care and so dog salons are growing. They are not only essential for basic hygiene of the pet but as also very sought after for giving trendy haircuts to pets or even doggie nail paints.

So take your pick and dress your pets like models because you surely have a variety to choose from.

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