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Doga is the new Zumba

Fitness has become a way of life for a lot us these days. The need to to be healthy also stems from our stressful lifestyles. Whether its going to the gym for a better body, doing yoga for a peaceful mind or joining Zumba classes for some fun times. The options for fitness are endless, But how does having a pet help in being fit?

A pet can help to take that first step towards fitness. It is seen in umpteen number of cases that owning a dog has helped people get fitter and healthier. Their is no doubt that these furry creatures keep your mind at peace by taking away the stress in your life but they also help you build a disciplined routine.They put you in a habit of taking a walk thrice a day regularly. Doctors recommend an average person to walk atleast for 40 minutes daily, which is something every dog owner gets in habit of doing by taking their dog for a walk everyday.

Fitness is important for both humans as well as pets that is why “Doga” that is “Dog Yoga” has become the latest fad these days. Doga is a form of yoga that we can do with ours dogs. In this your dog/pet is used as a partner. Doga consists of stretching, massages, yoga partner positions, meditation, acupuncture, dog training and chanting. Doga is a good form of exercise for both you and your dog. It not only keeps you and furry one fit but can also help in recovering from injuries. Doga is also known to teach and train dogs and keep them calm.It can be a whole new fun way of keeping fit whilst spending some quality time with your pooches. Shipra, a 29 year old, pet parent says “my schedule was very messy so I just started watching Doga videos online and doing them at home with my dog.It is so much fun.Its the best one hour of my day”

On the other hand there are a lot of pet parents who prefer a more outdoor activity for their pets and opt for dog sports. Outdoor dog sports is another fun way of sweating it out with your dog. You can choose any dog sport from agility exercises to dog marathons to even protection training.Dog sports helps train your dog and the exercises also keep you healthy.

Some people even prefer taking their dogs trekking and hiking with them. Taking them up to the hills can be a good adventure for them and a great exercise for you and your dog.Nakul, owner of a boxer says “I drove up to the hills with my dog and we trekked all the way to Triund.Its fun camping with him.”

Whatever form of exercise you choose make sure to include your furry friend, as it will keep the both of you fit and you will end up spending some excellent time with your pet.

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