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Depression and pets

Swati Tandon, Pet Expert

If we understand depression and anxiety in simple words it would mean a vacuum in our lives that we are trying to fill. Whether it is an unsatisfied job, unhealthy relationships or not feeling in control of your situation can lead us to feeling low and it saps out our positive energy.Many a times a tender touch, encouraging words or a warm touch are all we need to get back into the rhythm and swing in our lives.

Getting this from another human being may not always be the case, those who understand unconditional love, would then understand that having a pet in their lives fills them up with love, energy, positivity and purpose. “Many studies have shown that spending time with a pet can elevate serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain which in turn can produce a calming effect” Says Damini Grover, Psychologist.

Having a pet also lowers blood pressure.For people suffering from depression and anxiety having a pet helps them to bring back the positivity, routine a feeling of hope and boosts recovery.

“Depression is prevalent but we are scared to admit and talk about it.Animals, especially dogs are such souls who can cure us humans to an extent of liberation and Jeff my 2year old Rottweiler made me start my venture during one such phase” Says Achal Gupta,Founder of a Pet Resort.

In many cases of depression doctors suggest adopting a pet or a service dog.Service dogs are trained to take care of patients with anxiety or depression. They are trained to recognise signs of panic attacks and Dogs can also be trained to use methods to stop strangers from approaching their owners unexpectedly.

Owning a pet also puts us in a routine and builds discipline, breaking us from isolating ourselves in our rooms.This helps us socialise hence keeping our mind distracted and giving us a purpose. 

A person in depression needs attention and constant love which often people around us fail to provide but these speechless creatures never fail to make you feel loved everyday and all the time. Their unconditional love will heal you and take away your stress like no medicine or counseling can.

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