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Create a cosy nook for your pet using these DIY tips


Every pet needs their space, where they can lounge, sleep and play. Here’s how you can create a corner for them at home that’s colourful, and in sync with your aesthetic preferences, but cosy and comfortable for your pet at the same time.

DEDICATED SPACES: Fitness trainer Samiksha Nigam has created a special space for her pet in one of the rooms of her house. “In one part of the room, I have my home gym equipment, and in another, there is my pet Labrador Sia’s doghouse. She has her toys and a cushion outside the house, and loves to spend time there,” shares Samiksha. Similarly, lawyer Aditya Mahajan has created a space for his cat Poppy in his study room. “Apart from her bed and food bowl, I have added shelves for her, as cats love climbing. Whenever I sit in that room, she sleeps there on one of the shelves,” adds Aditya.


CUSTOMISED BEDS: Software developer Shambhavi Mishra has stitched a cover for her pet Voilet’s bed. “Originally, the bed – which is in my room – was a dull brown colour, so to jazz it up, I bought a pet- friendly fabric, which was stain resistant, and had a cover stitched for the bed. It goes well with my room’s decor as well,” shares Shambhavi. Hairstylist Ankush Garg, who did the opposite, explains, “I first ordered my pet Lily’s bed online because I loved the pattern so much, and then I got the same pattern printed on my wall too.”

GET CREATIVE WITH FOOD BOWLS, LITTER BOXES: Fashion designing student Pihu Shukla handpainted her Labrador Miku’s food bowls. “Miku has three food bowls and I handpainted them with Madhubani art, Warli art and polka dots. Now, everyone who sees them asks me where I bought them,” laughs Pihu. VFX artist Prakher Gupta did the same with his cat’s litter box. “It has trees painted on it, and it doesn’t even look like a litter box anymore. It goes well with the interior of our house too,” shares Prakher.

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