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Could your cleaning fixation be harmful for your furry babies?

As we go into a sanitation overdrive at home, it’s important to keep pets away from toxic chemicals in cleaning agents


The pandemic has us rigorously scrubbing and sanitising our homes. But did you know the chemicals used in cleaning agents like sprays and liquids can be toxic for our furry babies? Veterinarian Dr Dilip Sonawane says that he has seen a 5-10 per cent rise in pet allergy cases. “The chemicals in disinfectants we use in our homes can lead to rashes, dry skin, and hair fall in pets,” he shares.

Chemicals to avoid:

Ammonia: Found in floor cleaners 

Bleach: Found in detergents

Phthalates: Present in air fresheners

Benzalkonium chloride: Common in disinfectants


 Buy sanitisers with less concentration of alcohol

 Dilute disinfectants with water

 Try creating your own natural cleaning agents, instead of relying store bought sprays and disinfectants

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