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Cool tips for a fun hiking experience with your pet



Thrilling and gratifying, hikes are a great way to break away from the monotony of our daily lives. And taking your four-legged furry baby along can make an already thrilling hike all the more fun! But while this can be very exciting, it is imperative to prepare meticulously for the same.


Salomi Gupte, a dog trainer and behaviourist, shares, “It is important to prepare your pet for the hike. You can take your pet on smaller hikes first. That way, your pet gets accustomed to the idea of hikes. Also, visit a veterinarian before going for the hike and take your pet along only after the veterinarian okays it.” Taking care of your pet’s health before and during the hike is very important. Gupte adds, “Keep your pet hydrated during the hike. Carrying a first aid kit is a must. Also, ensure that your pet has your name and contact information on its collar. This can be very useful during emergencies.”


Malini Sharma, pet parent to a Labrador, shares, “It is important to know your pet’s limitations before taking them on a hike. Not all active and playful pets can enjoy hikes. My furry baby, although very active and enthusiastic, usually only prefers short hikes as compared to the longer ones. So, whenever my husband and I wish to take him on hikes with us, we choose shorter hikes and make sure to take plenty of breaks in between.”


BOX 1: Things to keep in mind while planning hikes:

  • Make sure your veterinarian okays taking your pet for a hike
  • Start with smaller treks so that the pet gets used to the idea
  • Make sure your pet has a name tag with your contact information
  • Invest in a good quality collar and leash for your pet
  • Keep your pet hydrated throughout the trek
  • Make sure to carry a first aid kit
  • Carry a small blanket, collapsible bowls and food for your dog


BOX 2: Things to pack for your hike:

  • Pet boots
  • Treats and food items for your pets
  • A first aid kid
  • A leash
  • Insect repellents
  • Waste bags
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