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Cool diet changes to have your pet summer ready


As the temperatures rise and the weather reminds us of the coming summer months, pet parents prepare to help their pets brace up for the hot months as well. A few simple diet changes and quick hacks can keep your pet hydrated from within and completely summer ready.

Cool food items that are part of your pet’s diet

Seema Singh, a Bengaluru-basedpet mom, says that she swears by the following hacks for her three indie dogs.

– Freeze buttermilk/ curd and add the same in your pets’ food. You can also do the same with chicken broth.

– Cut red carrots in long slices and refrigerate them. Feed your pet these cool sticks as summer treats.

– Feed them cool watermelon straight out of the fridge.

– Adding a pinch of asafoetida in your pet’s food also helps as it has a cooling effect.

– Feed your pet during a cooler part of the day – early in the morning and late in the evening.


Hydration is key

Sudha Narayanan, founder-trustee of CARE, emphasises on hydration. “We need to ensure that pets are hydrated through the day. Keep out their bowls of water at different areas of your home where you can be sure that the water in the bowls will remain cool. Include more vegetables in their diet instead of non-vegetarian food too,” says Sudha.

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