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Cats – the pet for a lazy owner

Swati Tandon, Pet expert

For those who prefer a more lazy lifestyle and don’t enjoy all the work that comes with a pet, cats are ideal pets to have. Cats are a no hassle pet and requires the least amount of work and attention.  Cats are known to be the most independent pets.

Cats groom and clean themselves, unless you have a cat with long fur you don’t need to regularly brush its hair.

Cats don’t need to be taken out for walks twice a day which is a real bonus if you are a couch potato, just keeping a litter tray for them is enough and they can take care of their business on their own.

Quieter pets
Cats are quieter in comparison to dogs. If you get annoyed by the constant barking and need a more calm companion cat are the best.

Because of their compact size cats make a perfect pet for an apartment. They don’t need a lot of space, even a room or two with ample supplies is enough for a kitty.

Less costly
Owning a cat is much cheaper than owning a dog. Everything from their food to medical bills are cheaper than for the dogs.

Pest control
A pest-free household is undeniably an added benefit to cat owners. Cats are natural hunters and so all rodents and insects will stay at bay.

Home alone 
Unlike dogs cats can stay home alone for a longer time. If their supplies are in place cats can happily stay home by themselves for a few hours or more.

Cats dont like constant cuddling or attention they can coexist in the same room without interacting for too long.

A lot of cat owners feel their cats ignore them but thats not true. Cats might not jump and lick you like dogs do but they show their affection in a more subtle manner by rubbing their body to your and purring.

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