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Cats steal men’s thunder with their Movember ’staches

Aakanksha.Dasgupta @timesgroup.com

Furry feline beauties gave hirsute men a run for their money with their ’staches this Movember, by participating in the movement with gusto. Cat parent Anisha Shah says, “My cat, Simba, has a white coloured patch of fur right below his nose. With the help of his groomer, I could give the fur a moustache-like cut after growing it out for several weeks. Although this trend started as a fun activity, cat owners across the world have encouraged people to donate to men’s health through their Movember posts on social media.” Aakash Basu, a pet groomer, adds, “It is important to know that moustaches are possible only on certain breeds of cats, and so, pet parents should also factor in their pets’ comfort before giving in to the trend.”

What is Movember?

Movember, Moustache November or No Shave November, is a movement started in 2009 by the Chicago-based Hill family to raise money for a men’s health charity, by encouraging men to grow out their beards for a month

does your cat have a moustache?

Keep in mind that only certain breeds of cats can grow the moustache. It’s the felines with the dominant S allele gene that have a moustache-like growth just below their noses

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