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Asha Singh

““I believed I could, so I did”
By Asha Singh

Born in a family of working parents, my story is nothing different from any other women.
Life has always been full of challenges at every step, irrespective of age.
The first challenge was to board a jam packed suffocating DTC (Delhi Tourism Corporation) bus early morning to reach school from Noida to INA colony.
I grew up and entered the much awaited College life. Nothing was easy here. Coming from an all-girls school to a co-ed college was a cultural shock for me. I never knew how and what to interact with classmates who were boys also. There were times when my TVS scooty was found punctured in the afternoon when I was about to leave for home. That is the time I learnt to change the punctured tyre and reach the nearest mechanic shop for the repair.
After lot of unpleasantness and debates, I opted for a career in Corporate Communication, which was completely against wishes of my mother since she was in education. According to her, “best job for a girl is a school job where she can take care of her family also”. I always thought “WHY”?
I joined Advertising agency, moved to Corporate Houses where there were no working hours. I managed it, since there was no family responsibility.
Got married and had to take one year break because of my children. This period proved to be an eye opener when I introspected myself and realized my true strength of being a Super Woman. Haha.
Taking care of the baby, cooking 3 meals, managing the maids and in-laws, so on and so forth, helped me in understanding my potential. That was the day that I never looked back.
I had to compromise on my designation, my salary to get back and restart my career. I was actually in a multitask mode to prove myself as a Wife, a Mother, a Daughter-in-law and not to miss taking care of adorable pet dog. With these responsibilities I completed my Masters in Education and as destined joined school in a leadership position.
I am happy and satisfied to see my happy family today.
To be a Woman is not easy but not impossible. One has to have self-confidence and support from the Spouse which makes things easier and you need not have to cry at night within closed walls. I owe my success to my Husband who stood as a Rock alongside me.”

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