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Anitha Jain

While the world has made a great many strides in the
Uplifment of women ,gender equality and equity ,there is still lot of work that needs to be done and March 8 th is just a reminder of that .
I Anitha jain always knew she wanted to tell stories about women through her passion of photography In which she is able to capture their emotions in her passion. Here she is trying to show women empowerment and healing , this got me thinking photography isn’t always just about images ,photography can stir someone’s soul ,make them feel better about themselves and empower them . It’s not difficult to make someone look beautiful in photos ones beauty can come shining through when they sit in front of the camera .
And the words of this photographer, Erica Peerenboom ‘’photos can let women see themselves different’’ .
I believe any man or women , can feel good about themselves when they see a great photo of themselves . It’s my job and my goal to take that great photo of them- to make them look their best and help them feel some empowerment in photography .

Anitha jain

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