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Fb. In. Tw.

Ajay G

Cats. The first thing that you realize is how incredibly smart they are. They figure our every little pattern in your house and find ways to quietly integrate. It’s so peaceful to see them sleep (and they do that for some 16 hours a day). They are not overtly loving (like dogs) and you would sometimes wonder if they care for the humans at all – or only want to be fed. They are extremely sensitive though, and soon you realize how they can sense your moods. On a day when you are beat up, they might just snuggle up next to you, putting their bodies to put you to sleep!  Just don’t count on it to happen when you want it though – they are their own bosses. Sometimes they seem like mini-tigers crouching in a corner, waiting to pounce on a prey – typically a moth or a wasp! Most of us haven’t grown up naturally thinking of cats as pets – but trust me – once you get a cat, you might not be able to stop at one!

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