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AIGF – Game for future

About the initiative:

Game for future, a campaign by All India Gaming Federation, in association with The Times of India and Vijay Karnataka, aims to generate conversations that helps in building a supportive ecosystem for the high potential Online Skill Gaming category in Karnataka.

Gaming has universal recreational appeal for people across all ages and socioeconomic groups. The Indian online skill gaming industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with the rapid growth in digital infrastructure, increasing smartphone affordability and penetration, expanding internet user base, declining data price and evolution of digital and online gaming models leading to a surge in the number of online gaming players over the last couple of years.

Karnataka, with its definite plan is all set to emerge as a national technology hub. Bengaluru is already recognized as the “Silicon-Valley” of India – a hub of technology innovation, a melting pot for India’s aspiring youth and entrepreneurs. The high concentration of animation studios, game development organizations and related training institutes, Karnataka has the potential to become “the gaming corridor of India”. This will help the economy multi-folds as it will help attract more FDI, generate employment and align the state to Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India and Atmanirbhar Bharat.

But, there is a huge misconception amongst the policy makers and the society about “Online Skill Gaming”. Lack of understanding of what amounts to Esports results in a lack of perceived distinction between gambling & betting games and core Esports such as online chess. All tend to be viewed as amounting to addiction/ betting/ gambling.

In India, betting and gambling laws, both online and offline are dictated by each state. And because of lack of understanding about Esports/ Online skill games, the state governments are opting to ban overall online gaming. Which in turn is a threat towards a high growth potential industry, especially in Karnataka.

With the help of conversations and deliberations, the Game for Future campaign will emphasize the need for a carefully thought through and well-rounded Esports policy that regulates the category and encourages responsible gaming.


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