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How to use virtual learning environments (AR/VR) in education – Fireside chat with the Ambassador of Finland

During COVID-19 remote learning has posed a new challenge for teachers and students: how to learn practical and artistic skills remotely? Virtual learning environments using augmented reality (“AR”) and virtual reality (“VR”) provides an excellent answer to this question.  A technology similar to Pokémon Go has picked up in a short period, the pandemic has made a nice-to-have technology a must-have for education. Now instead of catching monsters and collecting coins, students can create their art and practice skills such as storytelling with AR and VR.

In this event, prestigious teachers from India, US, and Finland will show examples of how teaching environments can be enriched with AR and VR in school and at home. Join us to learn how your children and students can learn better.

Key Talking Points

  • What’s a lesson where students may have had trouble learning with traditional teaching
  • What differences did they see in students and student learning
  • Why and how teachers get involved in AR or VR initially?
  • What are the advantages of teaching using AR or VR?
  • What were some of the most interesting observations seen in students?
  • What has surprised you the most from using AR or VR?
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